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Project Overview

Our client, a Business Consultant based in Australia, was seeking to develop a custom survey application leveraging their extensive experience in the field. The vision was to create a web-based survey app and a mobile app that not only encourages users to participate in surveys but also rewards them based on their survey completion. The client aims to collect various types of feedback, including 360 feedback, peer reviews, and self-assessment surveys.

The project aims to empower businesses and individuals with a robust survey mobile application that enhances employee engagement and facilitates valuable insights through various feedback mechanisms. By combining the client's expertise with cutting-edge technology, we created a web based survey app for admin and mobile survey app for users that revolutionizes the survey experience and drives organizational growth.

The Concept

Our Challanges

We likely faced several challenges while building the employee engagement survey app for Q Motive. Here are some potential challenges they might have encountered:

    • Understanding requirements:
    • The first challenge would understand Q Motive's specific employee engagement survey app requirements. It involves effective communication and collaboration with the team to gather their expectations, desired features, and functionality.

    • Designing an intuitive user interface:
    • Developing an employee engagement survey app requires creating a user-friendly interface allowing employees to navigate the app and complete the surveys easily. We must consider the app's design and layout to ensure a seamless user experience.

    • Scalability and performance:
    • As the app is intended to be used by Q Motive's entire workforce, scalability and performance would be crucial. We need to ensure that the app can handle many simultaneous users, process the survey responses efficiently, and maintain optimal performance.

    • Data security and privacy:
    • Employee engagement surveys often collect sensitive and confidential information. We must implement robust security measures to protect the data and ensure compliance with relevant data protection regulations. It includes encryption, secure storage, access controls, and adherence to best practices.

  • Customization and flexibility:
  • We need to build the app to allow them to customize and tailor the surveys according to their specific needs. It might involve providing options for survey questions, scoring mechanisms, and reporting formats.

  • Analytics and reporting:
  • Effective employee engagement surveys require robust analytics and reporting capabilities. We need to develop features that enable Q Motive to analyze the survey results, generate meaningful reports, and derive actionable insights from the data collected. It could involve implementing data visualization tools, statistical analysis, and automated reporting features.

  • User training and support
  • Once the app is deployed, we must provide comprehensive user training and ongoing support to ensure their employees can use the survey app effectively.

    Overcoming these challenges would require careful planning, collaboration, and expertise in app development and employee engagement strategies.

Our Solution

In order to ensure such high standards are achieved in what is a predominantly challenging environment, Jim recognise that employees need to be as productive, motivated and happy as possible when they come to work.

The Employee Engagement Survey App developed by TechAvidus for Q Motive encompasses a range of top features that revolutionize the survey experience and provide valuable insights for the organization.

    • Interactive Dashboard:
    • The app incorporates an interactive dashboard that allows users to visualize survey results in a clear and intuitive manner. The dashboard provides an overview of key metrics, allowing administrators to quickly assess the overall engagement levels and identify areas of improvement.

    • Insightful Reports and Real-time Analytics:
    • The app provides detailed reports and real-time analytics to analyze survey responses and derive meaningful insights. Administrators can generate customizable reports highlighting trends, patterns, and areas of concern, empowering them to make informed decisions based on data-driven insights

    • Property Listings Management:
    • An all-in-one solution can help real estate agents manage properties, including descriptions, photos, virtual tours, and status updates. This feature also allows sharing property information with other agents.

    • Gamification and Rewards:
    • The app incorporates gamification elements and reward systems to incentivize employee participation. Users earn points, badges, or virtual currency for completing surveys, fostering a sense of achievement and motivation. This gamified approach encourages active engagement and increases survey response rates.

  • 360-Degree Feedback and Peer-to-Peer Surveys:
  • The app facilitates 360-degree feedback, allowing users to receive feedback from their peers, managers, and subordinates. This comprehensive feedback mechanism provides a holistic view of employee performance and helps identify areas for improvement. Additionally, peer-to-peer surveys enable employees to provide valuable insights and feedback on their colleagues, fostering a culture of constructive feedback and collaboration.

  • Relationship Quotient (RQ) Health and Performance:
  • The app features Relationship Quotient (RQ) metrics that measure the quality of relationships within the organization. RQ Health showcases an individual's relationship with others, while RQ Perform evaluates how an employee operates with others. These metrics provide a deeper understanding of interpersonal dynamics and foster positive relationships within the workplace.

  • Behavior Profile Spider Chart:
  • Using a spider chart, the app visualizes individual employee scores on various personality traits. This chart allows administrators to assess key traits such as engagement, sociability, optimism, composure, and diligence, providing insights into employee characteristics and strengths.

  • Employee Comparison:
  • The app enables a comparison of characteristics and traits between two employees, presenting the results in a spider chart format. This comparison aids in identifying similarities, differences, and potential areas for collaboration or improvement, enhancing team dynamics and fostering a cohesive work environment.

  • Survey Timeline Setting:
  • The app allows administrators to set specific survey timelines, ensuring timely data collection and analysis. This feature ensures that surveys are conducted at appropriate intervals, consistently measuring employee engagement over time.

Student/Children Management Dashboard

The Result

Implementing the Employee Engagement Survey App developed by TechAvidus yielded significant results for Q Motive. The app's powerful features and intuitive interface contributed to positive outcomes.

Overall, the results obtained from the Employee Engagement Survey App developed by TechAvidus demonstrated its effectiveness in unlocking employee engagement and driving organizational growth for Q Motive’s customers. The app's features, including the interactive dashboard, customizable surveys, insightful analytics, gamification elements, and comprehensive feedback mechanisms, played a crucial role in achieving these positive outcomes.

  • Interactive dashboard to visualize survey results
    • Graphical representations of the information collected and their insights in a visually appealing manner
    • Dashboards to draw inferences via analytics
    • Access to previous surveys
    • Comparison with the past surveys to analyze progress and differences
    • Request, collect feedback, and transform them into the dashboard insights
  • Creating and Managing Profile
    • Creating, editing, and managing profiles of team members
    • Deleting and deactivating profiles of employees as and when needed
    • Interactive UI/UX for smooth onboarding and removal process
  • Creating interactive Surveys
    • Creating easy and interactive surveys targeting employee satisfaction and motivation
    • Easy creation steps for the admins to build the survey forms
    • Easy survey-filling steps for the employees
    • Quick and easy post-survey submissions steps
  • Insightful reports
    • Collecting and transforming survey results into robust reports
    • Applying filters and analyzing reports
    • Etracting reports for sharing and analysis amongst different stakeholders
    • Gaining deep insights into individual and team data
  • Team collaboration
    • Easily send invites to team members
    • Maintaining and managing a contact list of team members for quick use
Student/Children Management Dashboard


Student/Children Management Dashboard
Boosting employee engagement, building trust and loyalty

The software allows to engage employees and build their trust in the organization. The organization’s value for the employees increases when they realize the efforts that the organization is putting into taking feedback, analyzing, and improving.

Exam Preparation Module
Increasing employee retention

Every employee wants to be part of a workplace where their views/suggestions are listened to, respected, and accommodated. With an employee engagement survey application, it becomes easier to listen to and satisfy employees, which in turn helps to retain them for longer.

Scholarship Details Management
Keeping employees mentally fit

With the engagement survey app, an organization provides their employees a medium to express the challenges, hurdles, and discomfort if any. This can be analyzed and dug down to provide a better work environment for the employees. Consequently, employees can thrive positively in a workplace that is mentally healthy and comfortable.

Collage Planning Dashboard
Creating a safe workplace

Through employee engagement survey app, the fear and insecurities of employees can be addressed. This ensures that the created work environment is safe and inclusive for everyone, primarily women and specially-abled people.

Financial Management
Inventory and Stock Control

The software incorporated an inventory management system, allowing students to track stock levels, manage orders, and generate inventory reports.

Financial Management
Financial Tracking

The software provided students with financial tracking capabilities, including generating invoices, recording transactions, and analysing financial data.

Financial Management
Reporting and Analytics

Comprehensive reporting and analytics features allowed students and trainers to analyze performance, identify areas for improvement, and monitor progress in our web-based hotel booking software.

Financial Management
Proper Access Control

The hotel management software implemented robust access control mechanisms. The admin could monitor the number of active users currently participating in the training. Users were granted access within a configured timeline, ensuring controlled and secure usage of the system.

Financial Management
Group Management

The software included an efficient group management feature to ensure smooth coordination and collaboration within the training institute. This feature facilitated effective functioning by allowing trainers and students to be organized into groups, enabling streamlined communication, group assignments, and collaborative projects.

Financial Management
Multi-Property Management

The hotel management software provided the capability to manage multiple properties within a single group of hotels from a central desk, offering a comprehensive understanding of managing diverse hotel properties.

Financial Management
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TechAvidus successfully completed the survey and dashboard with the requested requirements. The team was easy to work with, communicated effectively through weekly calls, and overcame language barriers. Their quality of work, professionalism, timely delivery, and budget-consciousness stood out.

Tamar Daniel

CMO, Business Consulting Company

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