The Concept

A Multi-vendor eCommerce Platform serves significant opportunities when it comes to revenue for a business person. As the demand for such marketplaces has urged, most entrepreneurs shift from their online stores to multi-vendor marketplaces. Accordingly, the need for multi-vendor marketplace development has also pushed to the next level.

Our client wanted to build an application that aids in selling many products and categories like electronic gadgets, clothing, fashion, beauty products, and lots more for multiple vendors through a single storefront.

The Concept
The Challenges

The Challenges

Our developers had to develop personalized panels for individual vendors that will help them to post their products and keep records privately on the platform. We intended to streamline the overall product management and listing process for the vendors. A client also wants to help buyers by providing them an option to compare different vendors’ products and make a wish list to purchase from the cart directly by paying online. A multi-vendor eCommerce platform is needed to assist the admin in running multiple advertisements through the premium listing.

So converting clients’ essential needs into a fully-functional Multi-Vendor Marketplace eCommerce Platform by keeping pace with the advanced technologies was positively a challenge for our team.

The Solution

By choosing TechAvidus for multi-vendor eCommerce platform development, our client leveraged the latest technology in a more scalable and accessible way. E-commerce Developers of TechAvidus - that a client gets all the privilege to have as many products and categories as possible. Our multidisciplinary e-commerce product development team developed a store in such a way through which a super admin can control everything from the admin panel, whether its vendors, orders, payouts, or premium listing. We ensure that independent vendors can operate their store with great ease and as perfectly as the products.

Because of the high competition between vendors within the store, a system will let the buyers compare products to purchase with the best price. Buyers can also make a wish list and buy products through an online payment.

The Solution

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The Benefits

Student/Children Management Dashboard
Fully Customizable

Unlimited possibilities to customize the look according to products and categories; make your store more exclusive and deliver a superior user experience.

Exam Preparation Module
Separate Seller Dashboard

Dedicated e-commerce dashboard to quickly understand all the business operations like order overview, sales report, revenue information, best selling products, and many more.

Scholarship Details Management

Highly scalable under the peak demand of users empowers your business’s growth by expediting the eCommerce possibilities.

Collage Planning Dashboard
Fully-Tested & Quick Go-Live

Thoroughly prepared, fully tested, and ready to go-live Multi-vendor eCommerce Platform helps vendors focus on the rapid launch within minutes.

Financial Management
Marketing Friendly

Optimized URLs of vendor’s public pages will help to drive the best SEO results and make the store more friendly to visitors and web crawlers.

Financial Management
Seamless UI & UX

Excellent User Interfaces will not just stimulate the visuals but also serve as a stepping stone for the buyers to discover more about a product they need.

The Work

Our Clients

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