The Challenges

The online community management system is the best way to provide the community with a digital space to engage in meaningful discussions. With the help of best community management tools, employee and customer engagement can be enhanced. The features of community management solutions can be customized to focus on each aspect of the community.

If you are a part of any community, then managing every individual’s information and updates so that each can have his substantial presence is not an easy job. Apart from that notifying the members of the community for the happenings of the event in order to ensure the participation of all should also be focused. If done manually, the community management task can be a difficult job. Here comes the role of the community management system and online member directory software into play.

TechAvidus encountered a similar challenge to build a robust online community management solution to improve engagement, build connections and strengthen the bond of relationships. With the help of state-of-the-art tools and technologies, we came up with the best possible solution.

The Challenges
The Solution

The Solution

The dedicated team of Techavidus leveraged the potential of best community management tools and encapsulated them in one single software solution with rich features for the maintenance of individual’s contact information. This online member directory software was responsible for managing all the events and related discussions happening in the community effectively from one place to speed up communications.

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Student/Children Management Dashboard
User management

The user management can control who will access your system. Separate login credentials are provided according to the access controls. Multi-level user access, along with communication by the internal message, is provided. The online member directory software has all the contact information and details regarding each member for effective processing.

Exam Preparation Module
CMS management

Content management feature deliberately supports the digital content in a collaborative community. Proper care is taken to include features for proper collection, management and publishing of content for the benefit of the community.

Scholarship Details Management
Event Management

All the events happening in the community are properly notified to the members of the community and details regarding the timings, venue, etc. are provided. In case of any doubts arising provisions are made for proper communication. Also, the feedbacks and any changes regarding the event are recorded and updated.

Collage Planning Dashboard
Business listings and business directory management

We are aware of the fact that how an online community management software can bring immense benefit to your business. The system developed takes care of the business listings in order to strengthen the roots of your brand and accelerate the pace of the growth of your business with proper customer management.

Financial Management
Location Management

Location is a critical factor when the community and community members are considered. Due care is taken to provide the information regarding the location and also in case there is any change in the location.

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