The Concept

There has been a significant spike in the world's population, and we have seen increased awareness about healthcare and fitness. The alertness towards one's health has led to an increase in the demand for medicines and various health-related products. Of course, so has the supply.

It is quite necessary to manage and deliver medicines based on complicated regulations of the pharmaceutical industry. It is a daunting task to manage huge inventories, take care of complex and custom workflows, accounting of pharma stocks, and streamlining with all the pharma stakeholders.

All these tasks are tough nuts to crack, and that is when a need arises for a Pharmacy Management Software System. So, if you want to streamline every day routines of the pharma industry, all you need is a customized Pharmacy Management Software Development.

The Concept
The Challenges

The Challenges

The client presented TechAvidus with its core pain points, such as management of centralized data storage and synchronization of real-time data in all necessary devices. The objective was to develop a custom Pharmacy Management Software for the client. TechaAvidus team faced severe challenges while implementing an advanced reporting system to track every pharma stock and execution of software-controlled packaging (serialization and automation).

The Solution

Techavidus came up with a stalwart pharmacy management system for the client by streamlining their complete workflow. A user-friendly system is built to ensure greater inventory accuracy. The pharmacy management software is backed with robust and quickly operable features that will automate the client's business, avoid expiries, and maximize profits significantly.

The Solution

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The Features

Student/Children Management Dashboard
Stock Management

Track the stock movement in inventory automatically and save time by avoiding manual data entry. Besides, it enables the client to sustain customer needs and make decisions based on data.

Exam Preparation Module
Company Location Management

Can handle plants and stores at different locations smoothly. Data regarding production, stock levels, sales, returns, from different stores can be managed within a single system.

Scholarship Details Management
Order Management

The software can create serial numbers, scan the product barcodes as well as print the labels. The operator can access all orders and choose which one to process.

Collage Planning Dashboard
Advanced Reporting

One can quickly run major business reports in just a few minutes. It will create customized reports and graphs to understand the overall performance of the business. One can swiftly generate an extensive range of business reports to manage selling, trading, manufacturing, finance, etc.

The Work

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