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Project Overview

SAAS Recruitment Management Software for an automated and smooth hiring process

The client is US based Recruitement firm with 14 years of experience in industry provides comprehensive recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) and third party applicant tracking system (ATS) solutions to businesses of all sizes.

Client focuses more on HCA (Human Capital Alignment), proposing companies values to candidate, two way opportunity exploration with hiring managers and candidates, measuring and comparing candidates using science based selection methods. Client wanted to reduce the gap between recruiters, employers and candidates through SaaS online recruitment software.

Client wanted to revolutionize the recruitment industry by addressing the common challenges faced by recruiters, candidates and employers by developing a SaaS Recruitement solution. From automated applicant screening to interview scheduling and candidate management, client streamlines the entire recruitment process, saving companies time and resources.

The Concept
The Concept

Business Challenges

Based on years of experience in Recruitement, our client was well aware of the challenges faced by recruiters, HR managers, candidates and employer’s staff. The company needed to differentiate itself by offering a more efficient and effective platform, as well as stronger customer support.

Some of the major issues were:

  • Difficulty in managing the different stages of the interview process and tasks performed by employer admins and recruiters like initial screening, interviews, practical assignments, etc. with proper data arrangement, tracking and retrieval mechanism.
  • Tedious manual recruitment process making it hard for recruiters and employer admins to perform different recruitment tasks simultaneously. They were unable to manage and track multiple candidates manually, and it required a lot of attention, effort, and time to select the best candidate.
  • Time-consuming process to find and on-board the most suitable candidates. Interview process often turned out to be unorganized, as recruiters faced challenges like candidates not responding, or committing and then leaving. On the other hand, candidates were not aware of the next stages of interviews or waited for a long time for feedback.
  • Lack of a smooth system for proper data arrangement and efficient hiring process.
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The Solution

Recruitment tracking software for effective recruitment management

Considering the immense challenges of the recruitment process shared by client, TechAvidus & client invested a lot of time during product discovery stage to offer robust SAAS enabled Recruitment management software which benefits recruiters, companies and candidates.

  • An automated system to manage different stages of the interview, i.e., initial screening, practical assignments, interviews, etc., with proper data arrangement, tracking, and retrieval mechanism.
  • A highly efficient and effective platform that differentiated our client from its competitors, providing stronger customer support.
  • Our automated system enabled recruiters, HR managers and employer admins to perform different recruitment tasks simultaneously, enabling them to manage and track multiple candidates efficiently, and select & on-board the best candidate quickly with minimal effort and time.
  • Platform made it possible to find and on-board the most suitable candidates quickly and efficiently.
  • Automated communication system ensured that both recruiters and candidates remained updated with the interview schedules, feedback, and next stages of the hiring process, reducing confusion and wait times.
  • Platform provided a smooth system for proper data arrangement and an efficient hiring & on boarding process. Impress hired candidates by providing them with a lasting first impression with an automated onboarding process.

Key Features of the application are

The recruitment management software developed by TechAvidus for the client offers an impressive range of features, including:

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    For Recruiters
  • Assist recruiters in finding candidates that have the skills and capabilities as per the required profile
  • Simple and insightful dashboard
  • Subscription module for job posting
  • User account management with various options so that the recruiters can easily navigate their profiles to the potential candidates
  • Seamless job post creation, posting, and management
  • Tracking leads and converting them to hires
  • Calendar integration for scheduling interview rounds
  • Managing the internal team, third party recruiters and interviewer
  • Automation to simplify the hiring process and save manpower, time and effort
    For Candidates
  • Easy and robust ways to build a strong profile and find recruiters
  • Assist candidates to find recruiters that can connect them with their dream jobs.
  • User Account management facilities
  • Set up career preferences that facilitate a more tailored job search TechAvidus’ Recruitement software ensures that the recruitment process for both recruiters and candidates is smooth, efficient, and effective.
  • Moreover, the advanced dashboard permits seamless tracking and retrieval of data, creating a smooth data arrangement system and efficient hiring process. This feature simplifies the constant follow-up required in the recruitment cycle, alleviating a key complaint among recruiters of candidate non-responsiveness.
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We were looking to build a reliable and efficient SaaS software solution that would address all our concerns of Recruitement process. Techavidus understood our needs & Challenges, their team worked tirelessly and came up with a comprehensive solution that addresses every aspect of our vision.

The partnership with TechAvidus continues to evolve as we explores new features, such as artificial intelligence-based resume screening and predictive analytics, to stay ahead of the competition.

Co-Founder, Recruitement Agency

The Concept

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