The Concept

For a non-specialist, savings and investment go hand in hand. When one talks about financial planning, many investment mantras float around, but they are of no help pragmatically. Thankfully with the advancement of the internet and technology, guidance to make a financial decision for a secure feature is now just a click away.

The client asked us to develop retirement planner software to calculate the term plan, insurance plan, and mutual funds along with retirement plans. The client also wanted this personal retirement planning software to determine the cost users have to pay monthly or yearly. So, by considering multiple retirement scenarios, users can fulfill their dreams.

The Concept
The Challenges

The Challenges

The client came up to TechAvidus with a need for a specialized retirement planner software in which there must be a calculator for various kinds of plans such as Insurance Plans, Retirement Plans, etc. The client also wanted a functionality where the user can compare all the plans and make the most suitable decision. It was a grueling task for us to develop retirement planner software to create a plan that matches each individual's income, assets, expenses, and liabilities.

The Solution

We delivered our premium services while developing personal retirement planning software that easily calculates various insurance and term plans' benefits. Our experienced developers have also created automated charts and graphs through which users can track and plan finances right through retirement. These retirement income calculators let the users know they are on the right track to take the necessary steps to secure retirement.

We developed the retirement planning software with the power and accuracy needed for effective financial planning online.

The Solution

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The features

Student/Children Management Dashboard
Calculate Investment Mutual Funds

A mutual fund calculator makes it possible for an investor to calculate wealth gain and expected returns produced by investing in the mutual funds.

Exam Preparation Module
Refinancing Calculations

The refinance calculator helps plan refinancing of a loan and compares current loan expenditures to what they might be if you renewed or refinanced.

Scholarship Details Management
Rental Property Investment Calculation

Our rental property calculator can aid individuals quickly determine the annual rental income and profit of the investment.

Collage Planning Dashboard
Down Payment Savings Calculations

Use a down payment calculator if you want to know how much cash you need in hand to acquire an asset. It gives you an estimation for a down payment ratio.

Financial Management
Design Center

It facilitates to create email templates, dynamic forms creations, website builder, leaflet creators, landing pages, flyers, postcards, property signs, digital ads & more.

Financial Management
Mortgage Calculation

A mortgage loan calculator lets you assess your monthly payments containing PMI, home-ownership cost, taxes, insurance, and interest.

Financial Management
Mortgage Penalty Calculations

Whether it’s refinancing or shifting your house, our mortgage penalty calculator lets you identify the expenses that emerged by cracking your mortgage contract early.

The Work

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