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Project Overview

Shree Tapovan Mid-Brain Activation Academy is an educational institution specializing in mid-brain activation programs for children. The aim is to enhance cognitive abilities, memory, and overall brain functioning through innovative techniques.

They approached TechAvidus to strengthen their online presence and attract a larger audience by developing a website and mobile application. Furthermore, they needed expert digital marketing services to boost their visibility, improve search engine rankings, and efficiently handle their social media presence and advertising campaigns.

The Concept
The Concept

The Challenges

  • Absence of a Website:
  • Shree Tapovan lacked an online platform to showcase their programs, services, and testimonials, resulting in missed opportunities to reach potential clients.

  • Limited Mobile Presence:
  • With the rise of mobile usage, a mobile application was essential to provide convenient access to program information and updates.

  • Low Brand Awareness:
  • The academy had minimal visibility in the market, making it challenging to compete with established competitors.

Our Solution

Understanding the unique requirements and goals of Shree Tapovan, we provided holistic strategy encompassing website development, mobile application creation, and targeted digital marketing services.

  • Website Development:
  • We built a visually appealing and user-friendly website that effectively highlighted the academy's programs, benefits, and success stories. The website was optimized for search engines to improve organic visibility and attract relevant traffic.

  • Mobile Application Development:
  • Recognizing the increasing mobile usage among their target audience, we developed a feature-rich mobile application for Shree Tapovan. The app provided quick access to program details, schedules, and notifications, enhancing user convenience and engagement.

  • Digital Marketing Services:
  • To amplify the academy's online presence, we implemented a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. This included:

    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO):
    • Optimizing the website's structure and content to improve organic search rankings and drive targeted traffic.

    • Social Media Management:
    • Developing and executing a social media plan to engage the audience, build a community, and share informative content.

    • Social Media Advertising:
    • Leveraging paid advertising on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to reach a wider audience and generate leads.

The Concept

The Results

  • Increased Online Visibility:
  • The website and mobile application provided Shree Tapovan with a robust online presence, attracting more visitors and potential clients.

  • Enhanced Brand Awareness:
  • Through strategic digital marketing efforts, the academy gained significant visibility on social media platforms, resulting in increased brand recognition.

  • Improved Lead Generation:
  • Our SEO initiatives led to higher organic search rankings, driving targeted traffic and generating quality leads for the academy.

  • Boosted Conversion Rates:
  • Effective social media advertising campaigns contributed to an increase in enrollment and program bookings.

  • Successful Advertising Campaigns:
  • Targeted advertising campaigns on various digital platforms generated qualified leads and boosted enrollment numbers for the academy's training programs.

    By providing a seamless combination of website development, mobile application creation, and digital marketing services, we successfully empowered Shree Tapovan Mid-Brain Activation Academy to establish a strong online presence, attract a wider audience, and achieve their business goals. Our tailored approach and continuous optimization ensured their digital success in a competitive market.

The Concept

We hired TechAvidus First to build our website. After that we hired them for our e-learning mobile app development services and it is currently under development. Our agenda was to establish a strong online presence for our business, and enhance our students and parent’s user experience.

We utilized their digital marketing team after they completed our website to increase our brand's online visibility, driving traffic to our website and ultimately to increase Admission inquiries. Their team is collaborative, hard-working, and experienced, this is 4th month we are working with them and we are pleased with their dedication and support.

Nalin Thanki

Founder at Shree Tapovan Mid-Brain Academy

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